Average gross monthly salary in Uzbekistan is
10% 2.2M UZS
90% 5.4M UZS
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Description of job position

  • Purchase, keeping and sale of securities, commodities and foreign currencies in the currency of the clients and/or on the account of the bank.
  • Monitoring and verifying prices of the financial tools at the security exchange.
  • Following and analyzing the development on financial markets.
  • Exchanging information with colleagues and clients.
  • Preparing financial reports.

Position Dealer/Trader - Banking in the labour market

The job position is
in the salary ranking of

Women representation in position

Average age of respondent by position

578. place

Porter, Information Staff

General labour

Salary group 1

657,600 - 1,431,041 UZS

37. place

Regional / Area Manager


Salary group 2

1,396,184 - 6,511,845 UZS

36. place



Salary group 2

2,179,785 - 5,401,523 UZS

35. place

DevOps Engineer

Information Technology

Salary group 2

1,666,280 - 6,163,560 UZS

1. place

Chief Executive Officer

Top Management

Salary group 3

2,290,291 - 12,319,569 UZS

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