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Gender Position and category Region Company size Age group Gross monthly salary
gender_icon Cook Tourism, Gastronomy, Hotel Business Jizzax medium company 35-44 1,000,000 UZS
gender_icon Ambulance Driver Medicine & Social Care Namangan n/a 25-34 2,581,670 UZS
gender_icon Shop Assistant Commerce Toshkent small company 25-34 4,091,670 UZS
gender_icon IT Product Manager Information Technology Toshkent medium company <24 3,000,000 UZS
gender_icon Accountant Economy, Finance, Accountancy Tashkent (capital) medium company 25-34 6,900,000 UZS
gender_icon Leasing Consultant Leasing Tashkent (capital) medium company <24 4,000,000 UZS
gender_icon Personal Banker Banking Xorazm n/a 25-34 2,675,000 UZS
gender_icon Personal Banker Banking Toshkent large company 25-34 2,520,000 UZS
gender_icon Storekeeper Management Tashkent (capital) n/a <24 5,104,170 UZS
gender_icon Dentist Medicine & Social Care Toshkent small company 25-34 4,708,330 UZS